Color Code Generator and Color Wheel

Color Code Generator and Color Wheel will help you a lot in customizing your Blog or Website templates and for writing more delightful posts and pages. 

Color Code Generator

Instructions to Use the Tool:

  1. First drag the “Hue” selector bar to the area of your desired colour. 
  2. Then click within the Brightness/Saturation space area and drag the cursor till you have got your required colour.
  3. The “Swatch” bar shows you the final colour.
  4. The hexadecimal colour code is generated within the “Hex” box. Simply copy the six digit code i.e #CEFF12
  5. That’s it!

Color Wheel For Choosing Matching Palate Colors

This is a very useful tool to get matching colours for navigation menu, background, hyperlinks, header, footer etc. 

Instructions to Use this Tool:

  1. Simply paste the six digit colour code in the form below without the hash (#) sign like CEFE78 and then hit the button Update.
  2. The matching colour codes will appear in the four boxes at the right side of the wheel.
  3. You can now copy the hex values and start using them in designing!

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